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Tuesday Evening Women's Ride

Hello, ladies! Since last year's Monday evening beginner women's road rides were so much fun, we have enlisted the help of "Counts" wife, Lisa, to offer again this year a fun womens only ride in Cherry Creek State Park. These rides will be held every Tuesday evening April 15th - August 26th and cater to the woman who just wants to enjoy a pleasurable ride in the park. Come blow off some end-of-the-day steam, get in a fun workout, and maybe stop by the Emerald Isle next door after and enjoy the porch with a frosty beverage.  No stress, all fun, that is what we are looking forward to!  We meet at the shop, so come early and be prepared to have fun and meet some great people.

Where: Adventure Cycling
When: April 15th - August 26th, 2014
Pace: Fun
Time: 5:45 pm-6:45pm