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     So we have been pondering the unthinkable of branching out into the social networking realm. We sat out on a journey to discover the true meaning of "social networking", or the holy grail of iphone applications, and we ended up more lost than when we started. We are bike geeks, we can tell you the inner-working of your complex front suspension and how to fine tune it for different trail conditions. John has glued more tubulars than Burns could teach his students to add during math class. This is what we do, we are bike junkies, geeks, experts, two wheel pioneers, you get the point we are not IT guys. Many businesses, clubs, teams, groups, etc. currently operate a host of different rss, facebook, blogs, myspace, wiki's, and many other computer terms that just don't fit our culture. As we thought more about it over a cold PBR watching the snow fall in October (which sucks!)  we came to an epiphany or consensus that we would add a section to our website to keep you informed about what's happening in the bike world, because we are too confused by the computer world. You may call this a blog, twitter, or junk but it is our way of reaching out and letting you know when something interesting is going on in your back yard. Check in monthly as we will add content and events that may interest you.


    Also, if you have ever sat on a cold winter night and pondered the meaning or life, ok not really, but you need a question answered. We have set up the place to do it. Our resident pro bike mechanic Hendrix, can answer your questions about your bicycle, life, romance, or even a five star campfire dish. Shoot him an email with the subject  "ASK HENDRIX"  and he will get back with you. As Hendrix is not good at checking his email, send all questions to and we will make sure to get it to him.


Yeti are a brand which has always enjoyed stature at the top of the sport. Numerous race victories and some fantastic bikes right back to their inception comes together to ensure that.

  The Yeti lurks. The race ready, although disappointingly non-carbon, 303 sits on the left, the DJ on the right.


  The SB66 has been around for a while but it's proving to be a popular choice amongst the enduro fraternity thanks to its good angles which inspire confidence.

SB95 29"

  A 29" brother to the 26" wheeled SB66, the SB95 loses an inch of travel to take it down to 5" but the weight remains unchanged while angles are kept as slack as possible despite the larger wheels. It was once accepted that 29" bikes needed to have steep head angles but this attitude is thankfully changing and some much slacker bikes such as the proto Orange featured earlier in the show as well as this SB95 are evidence of that.

SB66 Carbon

  Shaving a whole 1.5lb from it's aluminium counterpart the SB66 Carbon joins the party with smooth lines and a definite Yeti feel. Utilising the same Switch technology as the rest of the SB range it's 6" travel promises to enable efficient climbing with sure footed descending, the ideal combination made even better by the reduced weight.

  Also on show from Yeti was this clothing range, featuring both casual and technical gear in the obligatory Yeti colours, and including a matching iXS gravity lid.