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Saturday Morning Rides


Where: Adventure Cycling, 4361 S. Parker Rd.

When: Every Saturday (depending on weather) at 10 am

(9 am in the summer)

Saturday morning group ride picSometimes, after years of training and racing, we cyclists fall into a rut where riding just doesn't seem that much fun anymore. We lose our smiles and lose sight of why we started riding in the first place. But we can tell you, way back when the training wheels came off our first bikes, we were not thinking about training for our next race. What we do remember is the smile from the photos when we finally got it.

 In October 2010, it Saturday morning group ride pichad been a while since we here at Adventure had truly felt the joy of what makes cycling great. So one Saturday morning we decided to host a group ride from the shop. We thought we would ride for an hour or so and come back to the store and say our goodbyes.

We were very wrong indeed. Our Saturday morning group ride has become the highlight of the week for our crew at Adventure Cycling. We have to play rock, paper, scissors (or who can chug a beer the fastest) to figure out who gets to ride and who stays behind to man the shop. Needless to say, we love this ride!

The ride consists of a 20 to 30-mile loop at a no-drop pace. That's right, a no-drop pace. Sometimes we have 5 riders and we go 15 mph, sometimes we have 20 riders and we go 12.3756 mph. Guess what? On Saturdays, no one cares about the stats on their bike computers. All we care about is the ear-to-ear grins on our faces--even when it's mid-December and those grins contain chattering teeth!

Saturday morning group ride picWe look forward to continuing this tradition of Adventure Cycling. Whether you're just getting into biking or have been riding for years, this is the ride for you. We ride every Saturday morning at 9:00 am in the summer, and 10:00 am in the winter if the weather is above 35 degrees and not snowing or raining. (Check our Facebook page for daily updates on cancellations.)  Come out and get your smile on with us while we rediscover the joy of cycling. And by all means, bring your friends. Bike love is better when shared!