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Tour of Adventure Cycling

Showroom at Adventure Cycle

Adventure Cycling is located adjacent to Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, CO. When you walk through the doors at Adventure Cycling we intend for it to feel different than any other bicycle shop you may have been in before. First and foremost our ownership and staff intend to provide you with a level of customer service that is unrivaled in the bicycle industry. As you scroll through the photos in this article we want to share with you not only our floor plan but the values that we share that make us unique. We are an independent bicycle dealer, with a single retail location to accompany our extensive online store. The experience you have in person should replicate the experience you receive virtually through our online store.

We carry bicycles from Specialized, Yeti and others. In our store, you will find one model on the floor of each bicycle we stock. Each bicycle is displayed in a manner that allows you to remove the bicycle from the rack and truly explore the technology found in each machine. We carry an inventory of various sizes of each bicycle model. So in the even, the bike on the floor is XXXL and just won't fit, there is a great chance we have the model in your size in our storage facility. Our stock changes daily so do not hesitate to contact us regarding a specific model or size.

Bike Models and Brands Available

As you walk through the door you will be greeted by our carousel style center display stage. We wish the stage rotated and played carnival music but we could not convince Erik to go for it during the remodel. The center stage of bicycles is normally stocked with the latest and greatest from Specialized. Often times when a customer hears "latest and greatest" they interpret this to dollar signs. This is not the case at Adventure Cycling we provide our customer with access to a cycling experience at every price point imaginable. Nothing excites us more than sharing in your first bicycle purchase for your child or your newest carbon fiber race bike.

Yeti Floor Models at AC

We are proud to carry bicycles from Yeti Cycles that are engineered and designed in Golden, Colorado. Yeti takes pride in the development of bicycles that carry the slogan "hand built, race bred." Each of the bikes you will find on the floor or in our on-line store we have ridden, raced, and tested on the front range trails of Colorado that bear the trail names of Enchanted Forest, Dakota Ridge, and Mustang. We are fortunate to be located within 30 minutes of Yeti Cycle's Headquarters. Our partnership and relationship allows us instant access to inventory which we can often times pass along to our customers within 24 hours. If you have not experienced a ride on the new switch technology we encourage you to contact us to schedule a demo.

Our service area is open and inviting. When you arrive with your bicycle for repair, you will be greeted by a service technician. Each service technician will provide you with a free estimate of services required to maintain the life and safety of your bicycle. This experience should be collaborative as we will request any information on troubles that you may be having while riding. Upon the completion of each estimate you can leave your bicycle for service or schedule a pre-paid appointment to complete the service. When you buy any new bicycle from Adventure Cycling, you will receive one-year of mechanical service included with your purchase. New bicycle service will be returned to you within 24 hours of drop-off to keep you on the road or trail. Our service technicians are each professionally trained to provide you with impeccable mechanical support.

bike shop service area
tda wheels and tires on the floor

We offer bicycle accessories from almost every manufacturer in the industry. On the shop floor you will find many accessories from Specialized. Specialized is a bicycle industry leader in providing value and durability. The Body Geometry line of bicycle saddles, shoes, and other accessories have been engineered in conjunction with the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to provide you with comfort specific to your personnel physique. We have a variety of tools to measure you for footbeds, saddle width, etc. If you have never received a bicycle fit, we recommend a Specialized Body Geometry Fit before making any changes to handle bar width, stem length, saddle shape or size, shoe size, since every element of the bicycle and rider is analyzed during the fit process to maximize performance and comfort.

We want to welcome you to Adventure Cycling! In the event you have any questions, do not hesitate to stop by or email us at Thank you for taking a tour of our shop floor. We look forward to sharing a Saturday Morning Ride with you or a conference over the phone as you order your new bike.

bike floor model showcase