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Purchasing a New Bike?

Bike Brands

We are proud to represent some of the finest manufacturers in the world at Adventure Cycling. We have hand selected our brands based on quality. This quality is measured by the ride of the bicycle to the customer service they provide in the event of a warranty. The manufacturers we have selected are the best in the business. You will find bicycles from Specialized, Yeti, Look, Devinci and Schroder on our store floor. We not only provide bikes from these companies but we select the best bikes from their extensive line  to provide to our customers.


We're cheaper than the competition! Sure everyone advertises that they have the best deal in town, but we always have the best price. So how do we do it?
Adventure Cycling is located in unincorporated Arapahoe County. We have a 4.25% SALES TAX, up to half that of any other shop.


We ensure that the bike you have selected will fit you perfectly. On a mountain bike purchase we include a suspension set up and tutorial on how to adjust and maintain your full suspension bike. We will spend the time with you making sure your purchase is the right bike for you.


With any new bike purchase you have the opportunity to purchase any additional cycling accessories at 10% off.


So you have decided on a new bike but you want to make a couple of custom tweaks to fit your riding style. We offer 20% off of any upgrade to the bike. We do not provide credit for original manufacturer's equipment.


Every bike purchased at Adventure Cycling receives one year of professional free service. You can stop by anytime and drop your new bike off within the first year and we will have it returned to you within 24 hours.


Each manufacturer that we carry provides a different frame warranty. We are proud to work with these companies based on their positive reputation for customer service in assisting in any warranty claims.