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Known for quality, innovation and a commitment to its athletes, Look is a proven winner in cycling. Their bicycles and components have won Tours de France, World Championships, Olympic gold medals as well as about every other prize there is to win on the road and track. From Hinault and LeMond to Boardman, Jalabert and Hushovd, the list of Look champions is long and illustrious.

Greg LeMond (left) and Bernard Hinault were both teammates and bitter rivals!The legendary French company began life in 1951 as a manufacturer of ski bindings and accessories. Over 30 years after their inception, in 1983, they took their knowledge of releasable bindings to the world of cycling and unveiled the first-ever clipless pedal. Just two short years later, Bernard Hinault spun his Looks to a then record-tying fifth Tour de France victory. Then in 1986, American phenom Greg LeMond won his first Tour aboard Look pedals and their revolutionary carbon fiber frame. Look expounded upon these successes with new products and new riders, eventually building a reputation that few companies can boast, but many envy.

Look tests their bikes in the wind tunnel for maximum speed!Since their early forays into carbon in the '80s, Look has continued to be a trendsetter in bicycle manufacturing. Their engineers have spent many an hour in front of computer screens, in the wind tunnel and out on the open road to guarantee that their bikes are some of the fastest, lightest and most durable around. Besides clipless pedals, other inimitable Look innovations include monocoque carbon forks, carbon rear dropouts, integrated seat masts, the Ergostem (a multi-dimensional adjustable stem), the Monoblade fork (an aerodynamic one-piece fork/head tube assembly) and too many others to list!

Look's track bikes have won World Championships and Olympic gold medals!In addition to road bikes and pedals, Look also produces triathlon and track bikes as well as mountain bikes and pedals. Every product that comes out of their factory is designed by cycle-mad engineers, tested by world-class athletes and manufactured by experienced professionals. The passion of these committed individuals is apparent from the moment you swing your leg over a Look frame or click into a Look pedal until the end of your ride.

Come by Adventure Cycling today to see for yourself why we love Look so much and why you'll love them, too!