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Pedal Cleat Interface

Fit Time Cost
Pedal-Cleat Interface 1 hour $75.00

The Pedal-Cleat Interface refers to the alignment of three contact points: the shoe, cleat, and pedal spindle/crank arm. When pedals are correctly aligned at these points, the knee will move up and down in line with the pedal spindle/crank arm. In simple terms, when your pedals and cleats are aligned correctly your legs will be positioned to drive the bike forward without pain. The process begins by centering the cleat under the ball of the foot. Once the cleat is positioned, a ride test will take place in which the rider's pedal stroke is analyzed.

The fitter will be looking at various aspects of the pedal stroke and cleat position. The fitter will then correct the stroke by using cleat wedges designed by Paul Swift at BikeFit. This correction will be measured to ensure that the knee is aligned with the center of the cleat to maximize comfort and position.  Finally, the rotation of the cleat will be adjusted based on the position of the riders heel and the crank arm. The image below diagrams and describes this process.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a Pedal Cleat Interface Fit contact Adventure Cycling to set up an appointment. (Approximate fit time = 1 hour).

Bike Fitting - Cleat fitting

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